【Free Shipping】 HERMES 【Hermes】 Bored 27 Vaud Epson Rouge Ladies Handbag Silver Hardware

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Product management number (product URL):2658-vv-02027-md
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HERMES 【HERMES】 BOREAD 27 Vaud Epson Rouge Ladies Handbag Silver Hardware Red Red Shoulder J Engraved HERMES 【HERMES】 HERMES Bolide 27 Epsom Rouge Handbag red J HERMES

Management No. vv-02027-md
brand name HERMES [Hermes]
Product name Bored 27 2way handbag
Stamped □ J marking
Color Rouge Garance × Silver Hardware
Material Vaud Epson
Size (cm) About W 27 × H 19 × D 10 cm
Shoulder: total length about 92cm
specification Zipper

Open pocket × 1
accessories Storage bag · shoulder strap
A rank
There are a few thin scratches on the surface, but
It is not noticeable.
There is a thin thread in one corner.
Some other scratches on the inside,
Some degree of bruises can be seen on the strap bracket,
There is no noticeable damage.
It is a recommended product with a small feeling of use overall.
comment Popular Bored has arrived from Hermes.
Vivid rouge color is very refined.
It is a popular bag that also has a sense of luxury in casual.
The slightly smaller 27 cm type is easy to handle,
Also has a shoulder,
Highly practical and highly recommended!
It is offer at a large bargain this time! !
※ Please refer to the color and material for reference.
Please ask for more details.
Category Handbag
TypeBrand bag
MaterialVaud Epson
AccessoriesStorage bag · shoulder strap

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