【Super Beautiful】 HERMES 【Hermes】 H Watch Mini Arabian Ladies Watch 【Preowned】 Quartz HH1.110.131 SS

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-Product name: HERMES [Hermes]
H Watch Mini Arabian Ladies Watch
● Model number: HH1.110.131 · □ R stamped
Color ●: Silver / Black · White Dial
Material ●: stainless steel / leather belt
Size ●: Case about 24.5mm × 17.5mm (excluding crown)
Arm around about 14cm ~ 16cm (six steps adjustable)
Specifications ●: Quartz (battery type)
● Accessories: dedicated box, warranty card, manual
Our guarantee (one year)
● Product rank: S rank
Most of the feeling of use is not felt, and it has become a very beautiful product.
There is a slight hit on the case, and there are small wrinkles near the belt hole,
It does not stand out in the bag of the fitting degree.
Other than that, it is a gem of a very clean, very new item.
-Comment: It is the arrival of the popular square watch [H watch mini HH1.11] of Hermes.
Mini size smaller than normal model!
The small and elegant design gives a very cute impression on the arm.
It is one of the reasons that the design and sense of luxury that are understood at a glance with Hermes continue to be loved.
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