CHANEL-Executive tote 2WAY shoulder bag tote bag black soft caviar skin

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-Product Name: CHANEL [CHANEL] Executive Tote 2WAY Tote Bag
● Model number: A15206
● Color: Black
Material ●: soft caviar skin
Size ●: about W36 × H23 × D13 cm possession about 38 cm total length about 94 cm
● Specifications: Magnet opening / closing Inside zipper pocket × 2 Turn lock bracket opening / closing pocket × 1 Open pocket × 1
Accessories ●: pouch (removable) storage bag shoulder strap serial seal
● Product rank: AB rank
It is out of shape and there are a few threads and wrinkles on the surface.
There is a small scratch on the bracket.
There is a small scratch in the thread and fittings a little inside,
There is a little dirt on the porch, but there is no noticeable mark.
It is a recommended gem that you can use still more.
● Comment: It is an introduction of the very popular Chanel Executive Tote.
As A4 size fits comfortably, it is good to commuting and attending school !!!
Simple design, so regardless of age or trend
, You can use it for a long time.
As it is limited to one stock, please purchase by all means at this opportunity.
Category Handbag
TypeBrand bag

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