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LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】 Tri-Fold Wallet Monogram Vernis Porto Tresol International Rouge

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-Product name: LOUIS VUITTON [Louis Vuitton]
Verni Porto Tresol
International Tri-Fold Wallet
● Model number: M91165
Color ●: Rouge (Red)
Material ●: Vernis leather
Size ●: about W 19 cm × H 10.5 cm × D 2 cm
Specifications ●: hook opening and closing
Coin case x 1 / card pocket x 6
Open pocket × 1 (including the wallet)
Accessories ●: box / bag
● Product rank: B rank
On the outside, small scratches and cracks can be seen on the metal fittings. There are light dirt and rubbing on the front and back.
It rubs on the corner and the edge part, it peels off and cracks are seen.
Inside the coin case, around the pocket, etc., damage such as rubbing and dirt can be seen overall.
There is a feeling of use on the whole, but you can still use without problems. Damage that can not be described
Because there are cases, it is recommended for those who do not care about fine points.
● Comments: Louis Vuitton is the introduction of Porto Tresol International!
It is a wallet of bright rouge color. As it is superior in functionality and can be used regardless of age
Recommended! There is only one stock so please take this opportunity!
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