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● Product name: Ponte Vecchio 【Pontevechio】
Diamond ring ● Model number: -
● Color: Platinum ● Material: Pt 900 (Platinum) × Diamond ● Size: No. 9 width: about 0.3 cm
Total weight: Approximately 6.5 g
Diamond: 0.03 ct (engraved mark)
● Specifications: -
● Accessories: Case ● Product rank: AB rank
When seeing through the lens, you can see small scratches and kudami well, but it is not conspicuous with the naked eye.
Those who are satisfied with satisfactory gems but please refrain from those who do not understand secondhand goods.
● Comment It is the appearance of "1P dialing" of Pontevecio!
The finest brand of ladies jewelry!
Simple ring with solid feeling!
Brand jewelry with great satisfaction just wearing!
The octagonal form and the carvings on both sides are wonderful!
A gem that you can use without getting tired!
Elegant and luxurious rings drift!
You can use it regardless of age / fashion!
Do not miss this opportunity!
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brandPonte Vecchio
typeNo brand jewelry

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