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LOUISVUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】 Monogram Mahina Portofoille Amelia folding wallet chocolate M95968 black LOUISVUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】 LOUISVUITTON Monogram Mahina Porte Feuille Amelia Tri-fold LONG Wallet M95968 BLACK LOUISVUITTON

Management No. yy - 00495 - ys
brand name LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】
Product name Monogram Mahina
Portofoille · Amelia folding wallet
Model number M95968
Color Mahina
Material Mahina canvas
About horizontal 19 cm × vertical 10.5 cm × thickness 3 cm
specification Push lock opening and closing wallet × 1
Fastener coin purse × 1
Card pocket × 19
Other long pocket × 2
accessories Box / storage bag
AB rank
I feel a little feeling, but noticeable scratches and dirt are not found. There is a slight horn color Ace but it is not conspicuous. There are thin thread scratches on the metal fittings. There are no dirt and scratches that are worrisome although I am a little bit inside. It is an excellent item that you can satisfy enough Those who do not understand second - hand please refrain.
comment Louis Vuitton Mahina Leather Wallet has appeared! Easy to use folding wallet! Wallet with attractive tappuri storage power! Elegant Amelia long wallet with plenty of luxury!
Do not miss this opportunity!
category long wallet
Part number (model number)M95968
brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typelong wallet
MaterialMahina canvas
accessoriesBox / storage bag

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