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LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】 Monogram Key Ball Band Rier 602way Boston Bag M41412 Travel Bag Travel Bag Women's Men's Unisex [Used]

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● Product Name: LOUIS VUITTON 【Louis Vuitton】
Monogram keypol band Riel 60
2way Boston bag ● Model number: M41412
● Color: Monogram ● Material: Monogram Canvas ● Size: Approximately W 60 cm × H 33 cm × D 26 cm
Handle: about 32 cm
Shoulder: about 100 cm to 118 cm (adjustable in 10 steps)
● Specifications: W fastener opening / closing ceremony ● Accessories: shoulder strap / name tag Poinier / cadena / key × 2
● Product rank: AB rank There is some type collapse overall. Cracks can be seen on the side of the lower part of the body, front and rear leather Nume. Nume leather including handle, wrinkle, light dirt, rubbing scratches. Dirt on the whole canvas, slight scratches on the four corners are noticeable. There are small scratches, dullness, little plating peeling, some blue rust in metal fittings. There are parts where the shoulder straps included are thin due to burning. There are a few odors by aging on the inside, but you can still use it without dirt etc.
category Handbag
brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand bag

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