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Since the state has been finished, it will be a very beautiful item.
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Brand name: BVLGARI (Bvlgari)
Product name: Disposable large SALE finished Bulgari Passo doppio necklace K18 YG about 50 cm
Material: K18YG (750) Yellow Gold SS (Stainless Steel)
Size: about neck around 50 cm
Weight: 32.47 g
Accessory: / body only

Control number 38071 other
category Necklace · Choker
typeBrand jewelery
typeNecklace · Choker
seriesPasso doppio
MaterialK18YG (750) Yellow Gold SS (Stainless Steel)
sizeAbout neck circumference about 50 cm
weight32.47 g
accessories/only a main part
RemarksControl number 38071 other

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