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Ginza store inventory disposal large SALE Chrome Hearts Arrows 25th anniversary limited denim tote bag cross patch custom black

Selling price: USD 2,276.98(tax included)

Product control number (product URL):6589-071569
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There are a few threads on the corner and the surface, but it is in a beautiful state!

Brand name: CHROME HEARTS (Chrome Hearts)
Product Name: Ginza Store In Stock Disposal Large SALE Chrome Hearts Arrows 25th Anniversary Limited Denim Tote Bag Cross Patch Custom Black Color: Black / Black Material: Denim × Novelty Leather (Metallic Red)
Size: Size Approx W Down 38 x Top 50 x D 19 x H 38 - 45 cm
Accessories: / Invoice

Arrows 25th anniversary commemoration 250 rare limited tote bag is a rare gem that was custom made with novelty leather of metallic red! !

Management number 71569

category Handbag
brandChrome Hearts
typeBrand bag
ColorBlack series / black
MaterialDenim × novelty leather (metallic red)
ASize about W below 38 x above 50 x D 19 x H 38 - 45 cm

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