HERMES TWILY SILK SCARV Amazon festival Festival des Amazones 【pre-owned】 HERMES

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Item details 290609 / apparel
brand name HERMES HERMES
Model Product Name Twilight silk scarf Amazon festival Festival des Amazones
Size (wxhxd) 86 × 5
Material · color Silk 100%
Gray type grease / JOONE / Coral
Accessories · Remarks None
Rank A
Reference price \ 22680
Although some color deterioration can be seen, there are no noticeable stains.
Overall it is a good scarf. Please use it wrapped around the handle of the bag.
There are many unique patterns, it makes a completely different impression just by winding on the handle.

Please check the image.

Brand & Jewelry Recycling
Caw Caw (Cow Cow) 13 stores
category Bandana scarf
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeBandana scarf
ColorGray type grease / JOONE / Coral
size86 × 5

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