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Jimmy cow wallet FILIPA Filipa mirror processing Long wallet with star studs Round fastener 【Free Shipping】 【unused item】 JIMMY CHOO

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Item details 990712 / wallet
brand name JIMMY CHOO Jimmy Choo
Model Product Name Wallet Jimmy Chu FILIPA Filipa Mirror processing Long wallet with star studs Round fastener
Size (wxhxd) 20 × 10.5 × 2.5
Material · color Mirror fabric fabric Antlershit × Silver hardware
Accessories · Remarks Box, storage bag, seal
Rank N
Reference price -
It is an unused exhibit item.
Jimmy chee long wallet with star studs.
Convenient round fastener - type.

Fasteners with a charm, smooth opening and closing.

Please check the image.

Brand & Jewelry Recycling
Caw Caw (Cow Cow) 13 stores

About the product rank criteria of Cow Cow CawCaw

Notice on product status and ordering of Cow Cow
category long wallet
brandJimmy Choo
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typelong wallet
ColorAnthracite × Silver hardware
MaterialMirror fabric fabric leather
A20 × 10.5 × 2.5
accessoriesBox, storage bag, seal

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