4 ℃ Rings 4 ℃ Dialing Pt 950 D0.150ct 3.7g 6.5 No. 6.5 【Free Shipping】 【Used】

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Item details 990726 / Accessories
brand name 4 ° C
Model Product Name Ring 4 ° C Dialing Pt 950 D 0.150 ct 3.7 g 6.5
Size (wxhxd) 6.5
Material · color Pt 950 Diamond Silver
Accessories · Remarks None
Rank A
Reference price -
Although some slight scratches can be seen, there are no noticeable damage, and the stone is also in a very beautiful state.
It is a small size, but it is a very fine diamond ring that is very affordable.

Please check the image.

Please feel free to inquire about the state of the product.

Brand & Jewelry Recycling
Caw Caw 13th Store 0120-296-692
category ring
typeBrand jewelery
MaterialPt 950 × diamond
sizeSize: 6.5

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