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【Significant Price Down !!】 LOUIS VUITTON (Louis Vuitton) Monogram Multicolor Bron White Etui Mirroir

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● Management number: Q0245238
● Model number: M92651
● Stamp: MI 1023
● Size: Case: about H 9.5 cm × W 6.5 cm / Mirror: about H 8.5 cm × W 5.5 cm
● pattern / line: monogram multicolor ● color: bron (white) × gold hardware ● Accessories: -
● Rank: AB
● Diamond Rank: 【Measured for 0.2ct or more】
● Degree: Case: Although there is some feeling of use, it is in a beautiful state where no special damage is found. / Mirror: Nume leather part scorching dirt etc use impression equipped., Mirror body. Scratch etc .. is not found. /
★ It is a cute compact mirror set of multi-color case and ribbon specification. If you remove the mirror, it is an excellent one that you can use as a regular shipping box or a card case.

Second-hand goods are returned goods OK
category Other
Part number (model number)M92651
brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand wallet · accessory

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