COACH (coach) leather light green green handbag 5052 [pre-owned] [brand bag]

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● Management number: Q0247432
● Model number: 5052
- Size: About H 11.5 cm × W 25.5 cm × D 5.5 cm
● Handle length: from handle to bag: up to about 22 cm (adjustable in 3 steps on both sides)
● Material: leather ● Color: light green ● Storage: zip closure ceremony / inside: fastener pocket × 1
● Accessories: -
● Rank: Outside: B / Inside: AB
● Diamond Rank: 【Measured for more than 0.2ct】
● Degree: Outside: There is a feeling of use, rubbing against the horn, dirty black, there are small scratches on the metal fittings. / Inside: There is some feeling of use, Kusumi is in the leather part of the zipper.
★ It is a bright light green leather handbag. It is perfect for putting in a little going out and a minimum amount of luggage.

Second-hand goods are returned goods OK
category Handbag
Part number (model number)5052
typeBrand bag
AAbout H 11.5 cm × W 25.5 cm × D 5.5 cm

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