HERMES (Hermes) handbag white bus GM Chevrobrick soldered item □ C 1999 【Ce palm

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  • second hand 3: There is a feeling of use
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■ Product information

Item: Handbag brand (Kana): Hermes target: Unisex color: Brick metal fitting Color: Silver Season, season: All season Production year: 1999
Engraving: □ C
Material: leather (leather)

W about 39 cm x H about 29.5 cm x D about 12.5 cm

outside: Open pocket x 1
Inside: Open pocket x 1, zip pocket x 1

[ accessories ]
storage bags

[ Warranty period ]
Initial failure (1 week from arrival) only

■ Product status

[ Overall ]
Coco Road rank = 3: There is a feeling of use
Collapse of shape (corner collapse), scratches on the surface and rim or corners, scratches and darkening on the handle, scratches and dirt on the inside are seen.

Surface: Scratch, dirt, thread
Switching parts: scratches, dirt, threads
Shape: shape collapse
Handle · Strap: Scratch, dirt, thread
Corner: Scratch, dirt, thread

[Inside · Others]
Inner: Scratch, dirt, thread
Metal part: small scratch

Coco Road rank
Simple design handbag that made use of high quality materials, white bus GM Chevrobrick □ C stamp (manufactured in 1999). This is a sold item that was stamped with S.

Inventory ID: 2401000059308

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Size details

typeBrand wallet · accessory
MaterialLeather (leather)
accessoriesstorage bags

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