brand:Saint Laurent Paris

Saint Laurent / muse toe / brown / handbag / 229563

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Product management number (product URL):5477-005774-1
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By the use, there are some dirt and darkening of the surface, small scratches, abrasions, corner rubbing, fuzzing, rubbing of metal fittings.
Also there is some dirt on the inside of the shape and shape.

Brand Name: SAINT LAURENT (Saint Laurent)
Product Name: Saint Laurent / muse toe / brown / handbag / 229563
Product number: 229563
Color: Brown
Size: about W32 × H 18 × D 14 cm / handle length of about 36 cm
category Handbag
Product number (model number)229563
brandSaint Laurent Paris
typeBrand bag
sizeAbout W32 × H 18 × D 14 cm / length of the handle about 36 cm

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