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Handmade Birkin 30 exclusive bag Pillow pillow cushion off-white new article

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Handmade Birkin 30 exclusive bag Pillow pillow cushion off-white new article
A bag pillow for the longest use of Birkin was finally completed, which was made up of ideas unique to YOCHIKA who have worked on Hermes for many years! This bag pillow is made to fit Birkin 30 cm and you can use it to prevent the shape collapse at the time of storage. Since it has a triangle, there is no doubt that it fits perfectly when you close the flap of Birkin! Since there is a small pocket on the front, put a crochette when storing it is also good! It is good to put in sachets etc! How you use is up to you. It is handmade carefully made one by one. Please feel free to contact us if there is a point to worry about! ※ This will be our original product.
A bag pillow to have you use Birkin built up in HOOKIKA which worked engaged in Hermes for many years for a long time was completed at last! This bag pillow is tailored for Birkin 30 cm and is available to prevent getting out of shape When I keep it. I have a triangle because I have a shape, there is just a difference between fitting it! It is handmade and is made carefully one by.. Our store original product. I am good though I put it.
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off white
(Off white)
30 cm exclusive use
(W: 24 cm H: 15 cm D: 12 cm)
※ The size notation will be the actual size of the actual product. Because we are measuring all by hand, please acknowledge that there may be some errors.
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New / Brand new
※ This will be our original product.
※ The fabric may be slightly different depending on the production time.

* Yochika Original Product.
* Fabrics difference due date of manufacture.
※ Please feel free to contact us for any other concerns.
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