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HERMES Hermes scarf Petit · curry "Ameba · flower" marine silk muslin 100% new article unused
It is a small size petit · curry. Although it is about half the size of a general 90 cm, it is about 42 cm in size, it is attached to a bag, it is made into an inner cloth of a car bag, it is made into an interior fabric, furthermore as a substitute for a handkerchief and a chief, etc. Various usage You can imagine. How about locating arrangements and usage unique to you? It is also recommended for gifts.
HERMES scarf Petit Carre "Amoeba Flower" Marine Silk Mousseline 100% [Never used] [Authentic]
It is a petit carre of the smallish size. It is size approximate 90 centimeters, but I add the 42 cm size to a bag and do it cloth among basket bags and do it to interior fabric, and how to use that, It is recommended in a present. It is recommended that a substitute of a handkerchief and the chief is thought about. Arrangement and how to use only by you are found, and how?
New article unused / Never used
Silk muslin 100%
(Silk Mousseline 100%)
W 42 cm H 42 cm
※ The size notation will be the actual size of the actual product. Because we are measuring all by hand, please acknowledge that there may be some errors.
HERMES paper bag
Product condition (Condition)
New article unused / Never used
· Long-term custody · Because it is offered in cheap, there may be yarn breakage and tag removal.

* Long-term keeping goods
* order to provide cheap, there is the case that there is a thread take him or tag.

※ Please feel free to contact us for any other concerns.
category Bandana scarf
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeBandana scarf

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