HERMES Hermes Bag Charm "Rodeo / RODEO" MM Celeste X Cray X Malachite New item

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HERMES Hermes Bag Charm "Rodeo / RODEO" MM Celeste X Cray X Malachite Annemiro (Lamb) New article
Since its release, the rodeo which we rarely can meet in directly managed stores has arrived! It is a bag charm of a horse motif symbolized by Hermes. Mid size MM easy to fit size! Recommended when you want to change the impression of the bag! You can arrange cute with any bag, including Birkin and Pikotan! Moist and soft touch impressive! Purchasing in Japan should be nearly impossible? ! When I met it was time to buy! Since it is a product of early winning, please go to the shopping cart before getting lost!
HERMES bag charm "Rodeo" MM Celeste / Craie / Malachite Agneau Milo [Brand New] [Authentic]
It is the launch, rodeo can not be rarely encountered in the retail stores is we arrived! Bag charm of your horse's motif to symbolize the Hermes. It recommended the impression of the bag when you want to change the Gara '! Including Birkin and Picotin, you can arrange cute to any bag! Impressive moist soft touch! Purchase in Japan when is I almost aim impossible? basket before you get lost!
New / Brand new
Celeste X Cray X Malachite
(Celeste (7N) / Craie (10) / Malachite (Z6))
Anne milo (lamb)
(Agneau Milo)
W: 11.5 cm H: 10.5 cm
Strap length: 36 cm
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New / Brand new

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BRAND SHOP YOCHIKA brand shop Yoshika 0120-567-869 / 075-2577-5844
category Charm · Pendant head
Part number (model number)16081106
typeladies' fashion
typeCharm · Pendant head
ColorCeleste X Cray X Malachite (Celeste (7 N) / Craie (10) / Malachite (Z 6))
MaterialAnne Milo (Lum) (Agneau Milo)
AW: 11.5 cm H: 10.5 cm Length of strap: 36 cm

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