HERMES Hermes scarf curry 90 "Take a curry horse" Turquoise X Grease silk 100% Brand new unused

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HERMES Hermes scarf curry 90 "Take a curry horse" Turquoise X Grease silk 100% Brand new unused
Hermes' s design that attracts the surrounding eyes. Even just watching it, you can enjoy delicate techniques and patterns. How to use is a fashionable hairstyle if wrapped around it, it is attached to a bag, it is made into the inner cloth of a car bag, it is used for wrapping cloth wrapping, making it into an interior fabric ... It is an item full of charm that can be used for all-purpose because it is simple making. It is also recommended for gifts. Please enjoy your arrangement.
HERMES Scarf Carre 90 "CHEVAL SUR MON CARRE" Turquoise / Gris Silk 100% [Never Used]
Hermes's eye-catching design! Hairstyle trendy, how are items that charm that can be used for universal is jammed you can put in the bag, or the inner fabric of the basket bag, You can use the furoshiki wrapping, just because the interior fabric is lost to the head. Please enjoy your own original arrangement.
New article unused / Never used
Turquoise X Grease
(Turquoise / Gris)
Silk 100%
(Silk 100%)
W 90 cm H 90 cm
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New article unused / Never used
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BRAND SHOP YOCHIKA brand shop Yoshika 0120-567-869 / 075-2577-5844
category Bandana scarf
Part number (model number)17040316
typeladies' fashion
typeBandana scarf
ColorTurquoise × Gris (Turquoise / Gris)
MaterialSilk 100% (Silk 100%)
AW: 90 cm H: 90 cm

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