HERMES HERMES BAG CHARM "Paddock Shubal" Forve Balenia brand new unused

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HERMES HERMES BAG CHARM "Paddock Shubal" Forve Balenia brand new unused
Hermes motif symbolized by Hermes Bag charm arrived! A bag charm shaped like the profile of a horse has a big impact! It is recommended when you want to change the impression of the bag. Color is an adult brown color Forave who insists too much! Barenia comes out a deep taste while using materials as you use! You can arrange cute with any bag, including Birkin and Pikotan! Since it is a product of early winning, please go to the shopping cart before getting lost! It is a gem that is also pleased with gifts.
HERMES Bag Charm "Paddock Cheval" Fauve Barenia [Never used] [Authentic]
The color is beautiful brown color named Fauve! The material Please do the shopping basket before you get lost because it is early thing wins of products! Is a gem that is also pleased to present .
New article unused / Never used
(Fauve / 34)
W: 11.5 cm H: 10 cm
※ The size notation will be the actual size of the actual product. Because we are measuring all by hand, please acknowledge that there may be some errors.
No accessories
Product condition (Condition)
New article unused / Never used
· There is stain on back side · Long-term custody

* Leather spots on the back side.
* Long-term keeping item.
※ Please feel free to contact us for any other concerns.
BRAND SHOP YOCHIKA brand shop Yoshika 0120-567-869 / 075-2577-5844
category Charm · Pendant head
Part number (model number)17050104
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeCharm · Pendant head
ColorForve (Fauve / 34)
AW: 11.5 cm H: 10 cm
accessoriesNo accessories

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