HERMES Hermes scarf curry 70 "Suite et Poursuite" white × thalassa blue silk 100% brand new unused

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HERMES Hermes scarf curry 70 "Suite et Poursuite" white × thalassa blue silk 100% brand new unused
If you are a Hermes fan you want one sheet you want. 70 centimeters smaller than 90 cm is preeminent ease of use. Of course, not only wrapping around the neck, putting it on the bag, making it into the inside cloth bag, making it as an interior fabric ... It is an item full of charm that can be used universally anyway because it is simple. Please enjoy your arrangement just by using your personality. It is also recommended for gifts.
HERMES scarf Carre 70 "Suite et Poursuite" White / Bleu Thalassa Silk 100% [Never used] [Authentic]
70 centimeters that is one size smaller than 90 centimeters is excellent at usability. It ranks a bag not to mention binding a neck and do it on cloth among basket bags and It is recommended in It is recommended in for myself. It is recommended in ism in y jam-packed because of a simple structure. a present.
New article unused / Never used
White × Thalassa blue
(White / Bleu Thalassa)
Vintage silk 100%
(Vintage Silk 100%)
W 70 cm H 70 cm
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Product condition (Condition)
New article unused / Never used
Long-term custody

* Long-term keeping item.
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BRAND SHOP YOCHIKA brand shop Yoshika 0120-567-869 / 075-2577-5844
category Bandana scarf
Part number (model number)17051304
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeBandana scarf
ColorWhite × Thalassa Blue (White / Bleu Thalassa)
MaterialVintage silk 100% (Vintage Silk 100%)
AW 70 cm H 70 cm

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