Hermes Yuris MM notebook notebook gold togo Q engraved new article 1606990013MIHS

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· Exhibits · Unused items $ C $ · Refill with slight stains $ C $$ C $ Brand name: HERMES (HERMES) $ C $ Product name: HERMES YURIIS MM Note cover cover note Gold Togo Q tips New article 1606990013MIHS $ C $ Color: Gold $ C $ Material: Togo $ C $ Size: Approx W19 x H22.5 cm $ C $ Engraved: □ Q engraved (manufactured in 2013) $ C $ Accessories: / Note refill (address), box There is a thread) $ C $$ C $ A simple notebook cover, "Yuris MM"! Simple and elegant design truly Hermes! It is a large size and user-friendly goods. Color is extremely popular "gold" alongside black. The beautiful brown is a color representative of Hermes, which combines classical and contemporary. The material is a sturdy embossing material, Togo which is hard to be scratched. It is the most popular material among Hermes' leather materials! Also comes with a refill of the address book ♪ Recommended for gifts! By all means at this opportunity (o ^ - ') b $ C $
category A notebook
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeA notebook
sizeAbout W19 x H 22.5 cm
accessories/ Note refill (address), box (with some threads)

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