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Luxury Crocodile Purse Yellow

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Product Name: Luxury Crocodile Purse Yellow Color: Yellow / Mustard Material: Crocodile Size: Approximately W18 × H9 × D 2 cm
Pocket: for wallet / small coin entry × 1

Because it uses the crocodile's most exclusive part, stomach leather, it is bilaterally symmetrical, it is soft and easy to familiarize.
In Royal, we are manufacturing all the orders to established croco makers, so we offer it at a price that is not profitable.

Originally crocodile was useful as a lucky winner in battle in social society in Europe, so it is better for money and work luck.
In addition, I want to improve tsuki, it is perfect for those who want to change the flow.

Even in Royal we are patronizing a wide range of soccer players, bicycle racers, medalists, first-rate athletes, civil servants and self-employed people.

"Save a good wallet if you save money" is the birthrate of the brand king. Firstly, if you do not improve your wallet it will not come inside. Even goldfish is the same as growing bigger as you grow the aquarium. I want to change flow slightly - It is a perfect wallet for those who think that it is not twist recently. Please try to get rid of this opportunity.

brandOther Brands
typeBrand wallet · accessory
ColorYellowish / Mustard
AAbout W18 × H9 × D2 cm
pocketFor wallet / coin entry × 1

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