Rolex Datejust Men's 116234 G Y

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Brand name: ROLEX (ROLEX)
Product Name: Rolex Datejust Men's 116234 G Y Item No.: 16234 G
Color: white series Material: SS × WG
Size: Approximately 23 cm around the arm
Type: Mens Movement: Automatic winding (automatic)
Function: Date display Dial: White series Y: Y (around the year 2002)

Rolex is a popular datejust ♪
Computer face board is good-looking, because it is with 10P diamond, it is luxurious.
Privately in business, Rolex is a big success either!
It is overhauled. (November 2016)
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category Watches
Part number (model number)16234G
typeMens watches
ColorWhite system
MaterialSS × WG
AApproximately 23 cm around the arm
CasesApproximately 23 cm around the arm
functionDate display
Dial colorWhite system
MovementAutomatic winding (automatic)

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