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UNITED ARROWS floral pattern · lace tight skirt / 36 / green / UNITED ARROWS

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There is a smell by the storage, the closet like storage by the owner.
Details Remarks: Although there is some feeling of use, there is no noticeable damage and it is relatively clean condition ★
Product number (model number)1524-215-4128
brandUnited Arrows
MaterialFront side: Cotton 34% Rayon 34% Nylon 32% Back side: Polyester 100%
sizeSize details: [Size (below about)]
Mark size: 36
Around the waist: 62 cm
Around the hips (under the waist 15 cm): 84 cm
Total length: 52 cm
How to remove: Back fastener × hook
Pocket x 0
Thickness: None
Lining: Yes
Elasticity: None
Season: Spring-Summer
accessoriesNone (Only accessories that have a description or those taken in a photo are included. Please check together.)

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