CHANEL Chanel Deca Matrasse 33 W chain shoulder bag lambskin black ladies 【pre-owned】

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There are slight scratches on the surface, a few wrinkles, and small scratches on the metal fittings.
There is some type collapse.
There are plating scrapes on threads and brackets on shoulder straps.
There are wrinkles and threads on the inside, there is light dirt.
Although you can still use it, since it is a product with a feeling of use, there may be damage which can not be described.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Outside: Surface: thread, wrinkle
Shape: Somewhat collapsed
Handle · Strap: ス レ

Inner · Other: Inner: Light dirt, thread
Metal part: small scratch

Type Deca Matrasse 33 Model W Chain Item Description Chanel classic popular lambskin deca matrasser 33 double chain shoulder bag arrived.
Because gore is wide and the main body is deep, it enters a lot,
It is a truly easy-to-use product that is easy to put in and out.
Since storage capacity is outstanding, there is no mistake in big success in various scenes.
You can use calm black color for a long time regardless of the season and fashion.
Coco mark metal fittings are at points! It is a gem that you can use widely such as everyday use, course of course, party scenes.
Do not miss the stock in only one point!
category Shoulder bag
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder bag
ColorBlack / Black
sizeW about 33 cm x H about 23 cm x D about 10 cm
Shoulder: Approximately 132 cm
pocketClosing type: Turn lock outside: open pocket x 1
Inside: zipper pocket x 1, open pocket x 1
accessoriesSerial seal

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