HERMES Hermes Boledo 31 A Engraved 2017 Handbag Toriyon Clemmance / Leather Etudes Women's [pre]

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It is a very beautiful item.
Slightly small scratches on the bottom rivets, slightly threads in the inside bottom and open pockets are visible but not conspicuous.
In addition, it is in a very beautiful state on both the outside and the inside without conspicuous dirt and scratches.
It is a recommended item as recommended as new.
Inside · Other: Inside: thread
Metal part: small scratch

Line Boledo 31 Product Description Luxury popular brand Hermes' [Boledo 31] arrived.
The form which it made as a catch is bringing forth an elegant atmosphere, embossing fine, high-quality leather, Toriyon Clemmance is a gem that drifts high-class feeling.
This is a popular classic Ethoop color, you can patronize long regardless of the season and fashion.
Since the storage capacity is provided and the opening / closing opening opens widely, it is easy to take out luggage and you can expect an active in a wide range of scenes.
How about this opportunity ???
Do not miss this opportunity as it is a point item only !!!
category Handbag
Part number (model number)A Engraved made in 2017
typeBrand bag
ColorEtoop / Gray
MaterialTorayon Clemence / Leather
AW about 31 cm x H about 24 cm x D about 12 cm
Handle: about 33 cm
pocketClosure type: inside zipper: open pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag, key, cadena

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