HERMES Hermes Bored 31 A stamped 2017 Made handbags Tryon Clemence / Leather Etup Ladies [pre-owned]

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It is a very beautiful product.
Slightly small scratches on the bottom, a little bit of thread is seen in the inner bottom and the inside of the open pocket, but it is not noticeable.
In addition, there are no noticeable stains and scratches, and both the inside and the outside are very clean.
It is a recommended item similar to a new item.
Inside / Other: Inside: thread
Bracket part: small scratch

Line bole lead 31 Product Description [Bored 31] of luxury popular brand Hermes has arrived.
Exquisite atmosphere that squeezed form exudes a classy, ​​embossed soft, high-quality leather, is a gem with a sense of luxury that was used Tryon Clement.
This is the ever-popular Etoop color, which can be used for a long time regardless of the season or the trend.
As there is storage capacity and opening and shutting opening opens widely, it is easy to take out luggage, and activity in a wide range of scenes can be expected.
How is it by all means at this opportunity ???
Don't miss this chance as it is only one item!
category Handbag
Product number (model number)A stamp made in 2017
typeBrand bag
ColorEtope / Gray
MaterialTrillon clement / leather
sizeW about 31cm x H about 24cm x D about 12cm
Handle: about 33 cm
pocketRetractable: Fastener
Inside: open pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag, key, cadena

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