GUCCI Gucci change bezel 11 / 12.2 GP gold quartz ladies white dial watch [pre]

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  • second hand B + rank
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Body: B +
Belt: B +
Details: Plating on the back cover, belt peeling Glass: Small scratches
Body case: With fine scratches
Belt: There are small scratches
Model name: Change bezel Serial: 10207 **
Others: Please do not hesitate to contact us with any part you do not understand in the image.
Part number (model number)11 / 12.2
typeWomen's Wrist Watch
ColorWhite gold
MaterialGold Plated
AArm around: about 16 cm
Band width: about 0.35 cm
CasesAbout 26 mm in length x 26 mm in width
Arm around: about 16 cm
Band width: about 0.35 cm
Dial colorWhite
weight21.5 g

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