FENDI Fendi Zucchino 8BH 237 Handbag PVC / Leather Brown Women's [pre]

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Although it is a very beautiful commodity, it is an exhibit,
There is a little habit and wrinkle on the handle,
Although there are a few push marks of metal fittings, none of them stand out.
In addition, there are no scratches and dirt, etc., the feeling of use is hardly felt in very beautiful state both outside and inside.
It is very recommended for goods as a whole clean and as good as new.
Outside: Handle / strap: wrinkle

Line Zucchino Product description Fender cute mini tote bag arrived.
Overall, popular Zucchino pattern was designed,
It is a bag that understands as Fendi at a glance.
It is an elegant atmosphere with a rectangular shaped form.
Inside zipper pocket has become a substitute for partitions,
It is possible to organize and store your luggage.
In addition, scratches and dirt resistant PVC processing has been applied,
You can patronize us for a long time with ease.
Do not miss this opportunity as it is a point item only !!!
Part number (model number)8 BH 237
typeBrand bag
ColorBrown / Brown
MaterialPVC / leather
AW about 27 cm x H about 20 cm x D about 9 cm
Handle: Approx 38 ~ 49 (3 step adjustment) cm
pocketClosing type: Open inside: Fastener pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag There is a little dirt.

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