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LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Keypol 50 Band Rieru Monogram M41416 Boston bag PVC / Nume leather Brown Unisex [pre]

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There is a little collapse, there are scorch, stain, darkening, wrinkles on the leather and handles,
Plating peeling · small scratches · dullness · rust can be seen on the metal fittings.
There are threads in the four corners.
There are some dirt in places, but it is inconspicuous.
White dirt is attached to the handle.
Although there are some dirty inside, it is in a beautiful state.
Although there is some feeling of use on the whole,
There is no big damage and you can still use it.
Outside: Surface: Light dirt
Shape: Somewhat collapsed
Handle · Strap: Burn, thread, tear
Corner: Thread

Inside · Other: Inner: Light dirt
Metal parts: small scratch, rust, peeling, dullness

Type keypol 50 Model Band Riel Line Monogram Item description Louis Vuitton's popular Boston bag, Keepol 50 arrived.
High capacity and high storage capacity, it is a great gem without mistake when traveling and away from the gem.
The classic popular monogram pattern is easy to match any fashion,
Regardless of sex and age you can patronize long.
Shoulder straps included make it possible to shawl,
It is convenient to carry and very practical.
How about this opportunity ???
Do not miss this opportunity as it is a point item only !!!
Part number (model number)M 4 1416
brandOther Brands
typeBrand bag
typeBoston bag
ColorBrown / Brown
MaterialPVC / Nume leather
AW about 51 cm x H about 27 cm x D about 22 cm
Handle: about 32 cm
Shoulder: approx 91 - 109 (10 steps adjustment) cm
accessoriesShoulder strap, Crochette, Padlock, Poinier There is no key so padlock can not come off.

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