HERMES Hermes Vespa Pouch Pouch Pouch / Leather Red Ladies [pre-owned]

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There is a light dirt on the surface, but it is not noticeable.
There is a small scratch · Kusumi in the bracket.
There are no noticeable marks inside.
There is no noticeable dirt on the whole, it is a beautiful gem.
Outside: Surface: Light stain

Inside / Other: Bracket part: small scratches, dullness

Type Vespa Pouch Serial number □ F stamped Product Description It is an introduction of Vespa porch of Hermes.
It is fashionable design of mini size and pretty drawstring type.
You can put a small accessory or hook it into a bag etc. and use it as a charm.
I feel a sense of quality and elegant red color.
※ Please refer to the color and material for reference. Please ask for more details.
Category Pouch
TypeBrand wallet and accessories
ColorRed / red
MaterialShave / leather
SizeW about 7cm x H about 8.5cm x D about 5.5cm
PocketRetractable: drawstring

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