CHANEL Chanel coin motif Coco mark chain belt Belt metal gold Ladies 【pre-owned】

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Small wounds and dullness are seen, but it is not as prominent.
Although there is a little feeling of use, there are no conspicuous big dirt etc, it is a gem of recommendation with relatively beautiful goods.
Inner · Other: Hardware part: Small scratch, dullness

Type coin motif Cocomark Model chain Item description Chanel's coin motif, chain belt arrived.
Just wrapping the waist quickly, the usual coordination will be gorgeous.
It is a type that hooks are hooked, so they can be stopped at any place you like.
As a one point accent, it is a gem that can be diversely fashionable.
It is a fashionable design that the motif of a coin where the CC mark is drawn shakes in the chain of gold which is known as Chanel at first glance.
Please do not hesitate to purchase on this occasion.
ColorGold / Gold
ATotal length: approx 86 cm
Charm: about W 2.5 cm × H 2.5 cm
accessoriesStorage box

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