Furla Furura Babylon XL Round zipper wallet with embossed leather Ruby Red Women [pre]

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This item is unused.
There is no noticeable damage, and it is a very beautiful item on the whole.
There may be slight scratches etc. because of the exhibit.
Please note in advance.
Type Babylon XL Model round fastener Product Description It is an introduction of the convenient round fastener wallet of the Babylon series of Furla.
Iconic Furla logo metal accented and stylish.
Hard-to-scratch, high-quality gem using Safiano leather genuine leather that is not noticeable even if scratched.
An elegant atmosphere and a vivid color are fashionable gems.
As it is only one stock point, please buy by all means at this opportunity.
category long wallet
typelong wallet
ColorRuby / Red / Red
MaterialEmbossed leather
sizeW about 19.5cm x H about 10cm x D about 2.5cm
pocketRetractable: Fastener
Two wallets, one zippered coin purse, twelve card pockets, four open pockets

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