CHANEL Chanel Tote Bag Deauville PM A66939 Shoulder Bag Canvas / Leather Pink Red Women [Pre]

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Wrinkles on the handle, there is a thread in the four corners of the body and the edge, and it has turned a little white.
In addition, the entire front has faded, and the color is slightly lighter than others.
The inside is very clean with no noticeable stains.
There is a feeling of use a little overall, but it is a product that you can still use.
Outside: Surface: burnt, faded
Handle strap: wrinkles
Corner: Sure, faded

Type tote bag Rhine Deauville PM Product Description CHANEL's most popular, chain tote bag [Deauville PM] has arrived.
A large logo and coco mark are embroidered on the front, it is a design that can be seen at a glance Chanel.
The form of the square and the canvas material of pink color are very cute, and there is a sense of luxury in combination with the silver clasp.
The shoulder has a length that makes it easy to shoulder and is easy to carry without being too large in size.
Ideal for everyday use and when going out, there is enough storage capacity.
How is it by all means at this opportunity ???
Category Shoulder bag
Product number (model number)A66939
TypeBrand bag
TypeShoulder bag
ColorPink / Pink / Red
MaterialCanvas / Leather
SizeW about 26cm x H about 26cm x D about 11.5cm
Handle: about 61 cm
PocketRetractable: Magnet button
Inside: 1 open pocket, 1 zipper pocket
AccessoriesStorage bag, serial seal card

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