GUCCI Gucci Signature 428226 Handbag Shimaleza Pink Ladies [Pre]

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There is a place where the leather is fluffed and a place where it is white due to only a slight angle thread. You can see small black spots. Fuzz and uneven color can be seen in the handle edge part. There is no feeling inside, and it has become a very beautiful state as a whole.
Outside: Surface: Light stain
Handle strap: light dirt
Corner: scratches, light dirt

Type signature Product Description The pink leather color is designed in a pink color, and it is a bag that has a sense of luxury while being feminine and cute. The rounded form is attractive and relatively chatty, so it can hold a lot of luggage. There is a removable shoulder strap that makes it attractive to suit the mood and fashion of the day.
Category Handbag
Product number (model number)428226
TypeBrand bag
ColorPink / Pink
MaterialSima leather
SizeW about 28.5cm x H about 24cm x D about 13cm
Handle: about 32.5 cm
Shoulder: about 99.5 ~ 110 cm
PocketOpening type: Magnet type
Inside: 1 zipper pocket, 2 card pockets
AccessoriesShoulder strap

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