GUCCI Gucci folding horse bit webbing line 295354 · 534638 long wallet GG canvas / leather beige dark brown unisex [pre]

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Product control number (product URL):2658-ho-06913-2-nr
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It is a very beautiful goods of unused exhibits. There are very small threads in one place in the outer corner and one in the side part of the flap on the inside, but it is not enough to know neither if you look closely. It is recommended in a very beautiful state both outside and inside.
Type Triplate Model Horse Bit Line webbing line Product Description From the Gucci, webbing line Horsebit tri-fold wallet is an introduction! A classic popular GG canvas, combined with a webbing line and a horsebit, an attractive gimmicky stylish design! Purses Although it is not, there are abundant pockets, you can store cards and bills refreshed. Since your wallet has gore, it is smooth out. With a calm color of beige × brown, you can use it regardless of gender and age. By all means at this opportunity? Because it is one item in reality, please buy as soon as possible.
category long wallet
Part number (model number)295354 534638
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typelong wallet
ColorBeige / beige / dark brown
MaterialGG canvas / leather
AW about 19.2 cm x H about 10.3 cm x D about 2.5 cm
pocketRetractable type: snap button wallet x 1, card pocket x 12, clear open pocket x 1, free pocket x 2
accessoriesStorage box

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