brand:Louis Vuitton

LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Porto Foyu · Clemence Anplant M60169 Long Wallet Monogram Unplant Sleds Women's 【Used】

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Product control number (product URL):2658-vv-07549-fk
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Small scratches can be seen on the metal fittings but it is not a big prominent one and it is recommended in a beautiful state as a whole.
Inner · Other: Metal part: small scratch

Model Porto Foyu · Clemence Line unplant Product explanation It is an introduction of a round zipper long wallet from Vuitton.
An elegant leather with fine embossing was elegant and luxurious,
Red series color is a nice wallet.
Compact but outstanding functionality!
How about you?
category long wallet
Part number (model number)M60169
brandLouis Vuitton
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typelong wallet
ColorSullyze / Red
MaterialMonogram Unplant
AW about 19.5 cm x H about 9 cm x D about 2 cm
pocketOpening and closing ceremony: zipper card pocket x 8, wallet x 2, zipper closure coin purse x 1, free pocket x 2
accessoriesstorage bags

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