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BOTTEGAVENETA Bottega Veneta Intrecherto coin case Python / leather Pink Unisex [pre]

Selling price: USD 235.98(tax included)

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The part of the edge is stripped of leather by threading as a whole. You can see some dirt on the surface. There are thin stains and scratches, even if there is a dent, etc. even if it relates to the inside, but there is no major damage as a whole, and we are still in a state of being able to use it.
Outside: Surface: small scratch, light dirt, thread
Corner: light dirt, thread

Inside / Other: Inside: small scratches, light dirt, threads, dents
Bracket part: small scratches, dullness
Fastener part: small scratches, dullness

Line introductory chart Product Description Bottega is an introduction of coin purse.
Eye-catching just by having a colorful pink color It becomes an article. There is a sense of presence while small, opening and closing It opens wide, so you can get in and out quickly when you're in a hurry.
There is no doubt that the presence in the bag will give off!
Since it is only an actual item one point, it is an early winner.
Please do not miss this meeting!
category coin purse
brandOther Brands
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typecoin purse
ColorPink / Pink
MaterialPython / Leather
sizeW about 10.5cm x H about 7cm x D about 2cm
pocketRetractable: Fastener

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