CHANEL Chanel Coco Mark by Color Matrasse Wallet Chain Leather Pink Beige Bordeaux Women's [pre]

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There are plating peeling · small scratches on the front Kokomaku and the chain, there is a thread darkening on the border part of the main body, slight damage is noticeable.
In addition, wrinkles and threads are seen on the whole.
There are slight discoloration / color fading inside when opening the flap, stain in the back pocket, light dirt inside the coin purse.
Since it is goods with a feeling of use as a whole, there may be damage which can not be described.
Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
Outside: Surface: Small scratch, thread, wrinkle
Handle · Strap: Small scratches, fade away
Corner: Light dirt, thread

Inner · Other: Inside: light dirt, thread, fade away
Metal parts: small scratches, fade away

Type Coco Mark Model by color Line Matrasse Product description Chanel chain wallet arrived.
Pink × Bordeaux color scheme is very cute, Brand appeal is also popular with the classic popular Matrasse stitch and Coco mark metal fittings.
Although it is a wallet-like design, you can use it as a bag for party scenes or a little outing.
Shawls are also possible and it is convenient to carry.
How about this opportunity ???
category Wallet Chain
typeBrand wallet · accessory
typeWallet Chain
ColorPink beige / beige / Bordeaux
AW about 19 cm x H about 11 cm x D about 3 cm
pocketClosing type: Magnet button inside fastener pocket x 1, open pocket x 4, outside open pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage box, storage bag, instruction card ※ There is damage in the box

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