HERMES Hermes Handbag Stripe Cannes MM Tote Bag Canvas Ivory Red Ladies [Pre]

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There is a light dirt and darkening as a whole, and a slight fuzzing can be seen on the handle.
In addition, there is a slight loss of shape, there is a small scratch on the bracket is not so noticeable.
There are also dirt and pen marks on the inside, but there is no major damage overall and you can still use it.
There is a case that there is damage that can not be described because it is a product with a feeling of use.
If you do not understand used goods, please refrain.
Outside: Surface: Light stain
Shape: Some shape

Inside / Other: Inside: light dirt
Bracket part: small scratch

Type handbag Model stripe Rain Cannes MM Product Description Hermes's most popular, it is the introduction of [Cannes MM].
The rounded form and the stripe pattern are very cute, and the bright red color is fashionable.
It is lightweight and easy to carry, and the storage capacity is also outstanding at a large size.
For everyday use, of course, it is also recommended for commuting and attending school, small excursions and outings.
How is it by all means at this opportunity ???
Category Tote bag
TypeBrand bag
TypeTote bag
ColorIvory / Red / Red
SizeW about 41cm x H about 27cm x D about 21cm
Handle: about 41 cm
PocketOpening and closing type: snap button

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