CHANEL Chanel Folded Coco Mark Long Purse Leather Beige Ladies [Used]

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There is a little wrinkle on the whole, plating peeling · small scratches are seen on the metal fittings.
In addition, there is thread discoloration at the border and the corner part, there is a little darkness.
There is a little bond stain on the inside of the border part, there is light dirt inside the pocket.
Although the dirt inside the coin purse is a little conspicuous, there is no other big damage etc.
There are times when there is damage that can not be described because it is goods with overall feeling of use.
Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
Outside: Surface: wrinkle
Corner: Sled, fade away

Inside · Other: Inner: Light dirt, dirt
Metal parts: Small scratches, peeling

Type clamshell Line coco mark Product Description Chanel's cute folded wallet arrived.
It is a simple and elegant design that KOKOMARK has become a point.
Feminine impression of a little bright beige color, there is a sense of luxury.
There are plenty of pockets and high storage capacity, and it is slim and not bulky in the bag.
The easy-to-use clamshell wallet is convenient and practical when taking out money.
How is it by all means at this opportunity ???
category long wallet
typeBrand wallet and accessories
typelong wallet
ColorBeige / beige
TheW about 18.5cm x H about 10cm x D about 1.5cm
pocket, Card pocket x 8, wallet x 1, open pocket x 5
accessoriesStorage box, serial seal ※ There is damage to the box

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