CHANEL Chanel Cambon Line Coco Mark Gamaguchi Bi-fold Wallet Leather Bronze Women [Pre]

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There are some wrinkles, dirt, threads on the front and back, corners and border have threads and dirt as a whole. There are small dirt on metal fittings, and some dirt on coin purse.
The inside extends to the card pocket, threads, thin dirt etc in the wallet, etc. There is a feeling of use, but you can still use it enough.
There may be damage which can not be described. Those who do not understand second - hand, please refrain.
Outside: Surface: dirt, threads, wrinkles
Corner: dirt, thread

Inside · Other: Inside: light dirt, thread
Metal part: small scratch

category Wallet
typeBrand wallet and accessories
ColorBronze / Brown
TheW about 10.3 cm x H about 9.5 cm x D about 2 cm
pocketOpen / close type: snap button card pocket x 6, wallet x 1, free pocket x 2, purse coin purse x 1
accessoriesSerial seal

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