CHANEL Chanel 5 hole ring notebook cover caviar skin ladies 【1810】 【5mrt】

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Outside: square thread, thin dirt on one side of the Chanel mark, there is thread on the leather part of the button. Inside: One pen trace. Although there is a feeling of use overall, neither is large enough to stand out. Since the metal fittings are closed tightly and there is no collapse, it is safe to use.
【Type】 5 hole ring
【Producer】 France
A popular notebook cover still pillowless still pink Chanel has entered The stitch of Coco mark does not take place for carrying the point Mini size ♪ Writing the schedule is going to be fun!
typeOther items
MaterialCaviar skin
AW about 8 cm x H about 12.5 cm

1.5 cm thick
accessoriesonly a main part.

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