HERMES HERMES Kelly Sports Shoulder Bag Vaud Gulliver / Vaugoguriver Gold 〇 T Engraved 0019 Women's

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◇ The whole is dirty / scratches / threads are a bit. ◇ There are a few threads at the corner. ◇ Inner dirt / degree of spot stains outstanding. ◇ The strap is dirty / thread / deformation is a bit. ◇ There are a few threads on the metal fittings.
[Metal Color] Gold
【Model】 Kelly Sports
【Producer】 France
[Production Year] 1990
【Stamp】 0T
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorBrown / Gold
MaterialVaud Gulliver / Vaud Gulliver
AW about 20 cm x H about 23 cm x D about 8 cm
Shoulder: about 114 - 120 cm

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