BALENCIAGA Balenciaga basket bag tote bag raffia / straw / leather pink women [pre]

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You can see fuzz, thread, and fray as a whole. In addition, there is a slight thread in the handle, there is a wrinkle at the base. There are fraying and fuzzing inside, but there is no dirt etc. that stand out as a whole. It is a product that you can use enough.
Outside: Surface: thread, loose thread
Handle strap: thread, wrinkle

Line basket bag Product Description Cute basket bag of Balenciaga arrived. The rounded form is pretty, and the combination of beige and pink color is fashionable in a feminine atmosphere. The brand appeal is also complete by using the hardware unique to Balenciaga. A4 size can be stored easily, so the opening and closing is wide, so it is easy to take out the luggage, and the practicality is also outstanding.
TypeBrand bag
TypeTote bag
ColorPink / Pink
MaterialRaffia / Straw / Leather
SizeW about 44-22 (top-bottom) cm x H about 42 cm x D about 11.5 cm
Handle: about 49 cm
PocketOpening and closing: open
Outside: 1 zipper pocket
Inside: 3 open pockets

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