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LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Cluny Vintage Epi M52252 Shoulder bag Epi Leather Noir Women's 【Used】

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There are slight threads on the surface, corners, etc., small scratches and dullness on the metal fittings,
There are threads, small scratches, dirty on the bottom.
Although there are threads and fluff on the inside a little, it is inconspicuous.
It is a gem of recommendation in a relatively clean state.
Outside: Surface: Small scratches, light dirt, threads

Inside · Other: Inside: thread
Metal part: Small scratch, dullness

Type Cluny Model Vintage Line Epi Product Description Louis Vuitton epiline is an introduction of Cluny shoulder bag.
Beautiful form and functionality · Storage power is also an attractive gem.
Shoulder straps are also recommended items that are adjustable in length and continue to be popular.
Black color is simple but there is luxury.
Regardless of your age and fashion, you can patronize.
Because it is stock only one point, on this occasion, please purchase.
Part number (model number)M52252
brandOther Brands
typeBrand bag
typeShoulder Bag
ColorNoir / Black
MaterialEpi Leather
AW about 27 cm x H about 30 cm x D about 17 cm
Shoulder: about 50 to 80 cm
pocketClosing type: Turn lock inside: Open pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag - There is little damage.

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