PRADA Prada Kanapafaburikku 2 WAY 1BG 163 Tote bag canvas / leather black ladies 【pre-owned】

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Although some color fading can be seen in the handle part, there are no other noticeable damage and it is relatively clean state.
Outside: Handle / strap: fade away

Type Canapa Fabric 2 Way Item Description Prada's Kanapa arrived.
The opening is wide open, the bottom is round and outstanding bag so easy to use.
Inside the pouch is also included,
Shoulder straps can be attached with shawls, diagonal hanging is also possible.
How is it by all means?
Part number (model number)1 BG 163
typeBrand bag
typeTote Bag
ColorBlack / Black
MaterialCanvas / leather
AW about 47 ~ 25 cm x H about 30 cm x D about 20 cm
Handle: about 36 cm
Shoulder: about 62 - 106 cm
Leather cord opening and closing
pocketClosing type: Open inside: Fastener pocket x 1
accessoriesStorage bag, guarantee, shoulder strap pouch

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