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LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Toal Trianon Sac Donui MM M48826 Handbag Canvas / Leather Beige Women's [pre]

Selling price: USD 305.51(tax included)

Product control number (product URL):2658-xx-11032-cs
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Bond dirt on the bonded part · There is also one spot dirt on the front (see image)
Some threads and fasteners in the corner - Blackening in the part, light dirt on the inside can be seen.
Although it is goods with a feeling of use as a whole, it is a recommended item you can use normally.
※ Please refrain from those who do not understand second - hand goods.

Outside: Surface: dirt, thread

Inner · Other: Inner: Light dirt
Bracket part: dullness

Model Toru Trianon Suck Dune MM Product Description From Louis Vuitton Toal Trianon Suck Dagny MM is an introduction!
Combination of cotton canvas and fine leather is an exquisite bag!
It is a recommended bag for a little outing. Long wallet, pouch and smartphone etc You can store it.
Because stock is only one point with hard rare item, please do not miss this opportunity !!
Part number (model number)M48826
brandOther Brands
typeBrand bag
MaterialCanvas / leather
AW about 36 cm x H about 20 cm x D about 22 cm
Handle: about 40 cm
pocketClosure type: double zipper inside: Open pocket x 1

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