CARTIER Cartier Trinity 5P ring / ring diamond / K18 pink gold / K18 yellow gold jewelry 8.5 gold ladies 【pre-owned】

Selling price: USD 989.33(tax included)

Product control number (product URL):2658-vv-08537-yg
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It is already finished already. There are a few small scratches and discoloration in several places, but there is nothing stand out and it is in a very beautiful state.
Inside · Other: Metal part: small scratch

Type Trinity Model 5P Product Description Cartier's "Trinity Dialing" is the emergence! It is a fashionable ring where the diamond is set with 5 stones and a sense of class drifts. Luxury triple ring of adorable Cartier makes us shine without choosing the scene!
typeBrand jewelery
ColorGold / Gold
MaterialDiamond / K18 pink gold / K18 yellow gold jewelry
A8.5 Gross weight: Approximately 9 g
accessoriesStorage box

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